The Best Cooling Mattress Pads to Buy

Because there are so many kinds of mattress pads, choose the finest cooling mattress pad might be confusing. Knowing what you are looking for will enable you to focus your search. We’ll break down the various things that buyers need to bear in mind in this section. This includes the mattress pad’s cooling capabilities, its functionality, and the price range you have in mind. Additionally, shoppers should think about what they want to change about their present mattress.

What to Take into Account When Buying a Cooling Mattress Pad

Sometimes, businesses oversell a mattress pad’s qualities or use deceptive phrasing, which can make it challenging to tell fact from fiction. Every shopper also has demands and interests. One person’s solution might not be suitable for another.

By concentrating on the following characteristics, you may reduce the enormous choices and tell which mattress pads will best meet your demands.

Cooling Qualities

The main goal of buying an electric cooling pad is to avoid overheating while sleeping and to maintain comfort. Some mattress covers wick moisture and heat from the body. Others actively cool the surface of the mattress. To cool the bed’s surface, a mattress pad with active cooling features frequently circulates air or water. With the use of a control panel, remote control, or smartphone app, these mattress pads can be set to a certain temperature. The mattress pad has passive cooling qualities because it is constructed of permeable, heat-dissipating materials. Gel, copper, and phase-change materials are examples of conductive materials that are intended to extract heat from the body and provide a cooling sensation. The temperature of the bed cannot be adjusted with these kinds of mattress pads.


Mattress pads come in a range of prices, just like mattresses. Prior to shopping, clients may find it helpful to set a budget. Although they are frequently more expensive than synthetic materials, natural and organic materials may last longer. Technology-enhanced or intricately built pads may be more efficient, but they can cost more money.

Sleeping Posture

A person’s preferred sleeping position can influence how much pressure relief they require. It also affects the overall support and stiffness of the mattress. A mattress pad can give extra padding but does not materially alter the mattress. In contrast to side sleepers, who may choose for a more substantial mattress pad to soften the bed around their hips and shoulders, back and stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer resting surface.

Good Materials

How long-lasting a mattress pad is depending on the caliber of the materials utilized in it. This may have an impact on the mattress pad’s capacity to control temperature. Wool and cotton are examples of high-quality, natural textiles that wick away heat and moisture. A high-quality mattress pad can further increase the life of the mattress because it also serves to protect the mattress. Purchasing high-quality materials will reduce the frequency of pad replacement for consumers.

Firmness Level

Since most mattress pads are not very thick, they won’t significantly change how firm the mattress is. The wool or cotton padding used in some cooling mattress toppers can soften the mattress. Others are simple mattress protectors made of thin fabric. A mattress topper might be a better option for customers who want to alter the hardness of their mattress.

Mattress toppers are thicker than mattress pads. Most mattress covers are less than 1 inch thick, which raises the mattress a bit. Between the mattress and the fitted sheet is the mattress pad. When buying sheets, it’s crucial to consider the mattress height because those that are taller than 12 inches almost certainly require deep pocket fitted sheets. Some mattress covers are incredibly thin and have no impact on the mattress’s thickness.

Pressure Relief

Mattress pads that are soft and thick help squish pressure areas. Particularly for side sleepers, the shoulders and hips frequently experience pressure buildup. Most mattress covers will not significantly change how much pressure reduction a mattress offers. If you need more pressure relief, you might wish to use a topper or memory foam pad.



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